Uiversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Computer Studies & Statistics

Study Programs:

The Faculty of Computer Studies and Statistics comprises three departments, namely: 1. Computer Sciences, 2. Information Technology and 3. Ststistics.

According to the purposively approved Academic and Examination Rules and Regulations, the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Statistics awards the following academic degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Science (Homors) in four years (8 semesters) in one of the following specializations:
  2. Computer Sciences
  3. Information Technology
  4. Computational Statistics
  5. Networks
  6. Information Technology
  7. Computational Statistics
  8. The Technical Diploma in three years (6 semesters) in one of the following specializations:

For future planning, these fields could be extended to include branches and sub-specializations such as Multimedia Systems, Computer Networks in Information Technology, Smart Systems in Computer Sciences, Administrative Information Systems and Accounting Information Systems in Information Systems, Compact Systems in Computer Engineering.

Guidelines of the study plan for each program will be provided with special emphasis to definition and description of the program, course contents in accordance to knowledge pertinent to the specific field of specialization and the expected education output of the program.