Uiversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Computer Studies & Statistics


The Faculty of Computer Studies and Statistics is mandated to offer scientific knowledge necessary for graduation of excellent and skillful professionals in the fields of computer sciences and statistics.


Provision of confortable environment attractive to capable scholars to be qualified in order to fulfill the needs of labour market for computer professionals, scientists and engineers.


  1. Training of qualified scientists and professionals specialized in the fields of computer sciences, information technology and statistics.
  2. Preparation of qualified scientific and professional cadirs in the fields of statistics and computer applications.
  3. Capacity building with regard to designing, improvement, innovation and creativity skills.
  4. Raising awareness about scientific research oriented towards development and economic improvement of the community.
  5. Developing profound understanding of responsibilities related to the profession including professional, social and ethical environment in different fields of work.
  6. Identification and recognition of intellectual property rights, gurantee security and privacy in utilization of information technology.
  7. Enhancement and acknowledgement of group work.
  8. Developing skills in different types of education with emphasis to self, continuous and vocational education.
  9. Active participation in community service and achievement of its needs.