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Faculty of Computer Studies & Statistics

In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

University of Kordofan

Faculty of Computer Studies and Statistics

Academics Regulation


The Faculty of Computer Studies developed from a department to become a faculty which is controlled by the law of the University of Kordofan and the basic regulations and systems approved of by the University Senate. The Faculty Board retains the right to request amendments of these regulations through the recognized channels. The responsibility of becoming aware of the regulations is the duty of the students. The Faculty annually announces the regulations and enlightens fresh students about them.

Glossary of terms:

The regulations mentioned above are defined according to the terms of glossary below unless the contexts refer to another definition.

  1. University:  refers to the University of Kordofan.
  2. Faculty:       refers to the Faculty of Computer Studies & Statistics.
  3. Board:          refers to the Board of the Faculty of Computer Studies and Statistics.
  4. Dean:           Refers to the Dean of the Faculty of Computer science Studies and Statistics
  5. Senate:         Refers to the Senate of the Faulty of Computer Studies and Statistics
  6. Student:       Refers to a candidate nominated for admission to faculty or registered in the faculty records for acquiring a bachelor of computer studies and statistics (with honor)
  7. Semester:     Refers to the duration of study time in the faulty calendar which is about 15 weeks of studying.
  8. Academic year: Refers to the period of time specified in the faculty calendar which is about 2 semesters.
  9. Course:        Refers to a standard unit of study with specific credit hours.
  10. Credit hours:      Refers to a standard unit of study which is equivalent to one hour per week for theoretical lectures and two to three hours for practical activities.


Admission regulation concerning fresh students:

  1. Candidates for admission to the faculty are accepted according the general Regulations of the General Admission and documentations of certificates at the Ministry Of High Education and Scientific Research.
  2. Admission of candidates nominated by the General Administration of Admission depends on passing interviews, medical examination and completing registration procedures.
  3. Candidates should meet by other conditions specified by the Faculty Board.
  4. Transference of students:
  5. Applications for transference to the faculty from other equivalent faculties are considered on the basis of vacancies in the faculty and according to the regulations of the Scientific Affairs on the condition of the candidates’ completion of the first year successfully.
  6. Students of the faculty except students accepted on the states admission basis are granted the right to transfer to other faculties on the condition of bringing acceptance approval from the faculty the students desire to transfer to.
  7. Students applying to transfer to other faculties should comply with the procedures stated in the regulations of transference specified by the scientific affairs.


4.1. Each student should register in the faculty at the beginning of each semester.

4.2. Dates of registration are determined according to the faculty calendar.

4.3. A student is not allowed to register for a new year unless he passes all the courses of the foramen year.

4.4. Registration procedures should be completed within two weeks from the registration starting date.

4.5. Students who come late are allowed to register in the third week after the Dean’s approval.

4.6. Any student who comes after the registration date terminates should submit a freezing request application.

4.7. The faulty board has the right to dismiss any student who does not comply with regulations without any acceptable excuse.

5. Freezing:

5.1. The Faculty Board may grant a student the right to freeze a semester on an academic year provided he submits on acceptable excuse four weeks before the end of the study.

5.2. Freezing is granted twice only during the studying period.

5.3. A student who has freeze a certain semester or year is granted the right to freeze if hi desires to continue studying after submitting an application to the faculty board.

6. Studying system:

6.1. The studying in the faculty is according to modified semester system in which evaluation takes place after even numbered semesters (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th …etc).

6.2. The Faculty Board preliminary approves the results of the add numbered semesters.

6.3. Students attend compulsory courses during their study according to distribution of the curricula.

6.4. The faculty awards Bachelor of Science (with honor) in four years.

7. Evaluation system:

7.1. Each course is separate and accordingly evaluated.

7.2. The faculty adopts continuous evaluation system; the final result is decided at the end of each academic year.

7.3. The grades are classified as follows:

7.3.1. Final exams and class works.

7.3.2. Practical exams and class works.

7.3.3. Total grades for the course is 100 marks.

7.3.4. Pass mark for every course is 50 marks.

7.3.5. Points of the course are evaluated as follows:

          Points = (grade/25) approximated to 2 decimals

3.20   - 400 A Excellent
2.80   - 3.19 B V.good
2.40   - 2.79 C Good
2.00   - 2.39 D Pass
Less than 2.00 E Failure

7.3.6. Points = grade points x credit hours

7.3.6. G.R.A       =       Total of grade points

                             Total of credit hours

7.3.7. Cumulative grades=   Total of grade points of all semesters

                                                Total of credit hours of all semester

8. Examination system:

8.1. A student who is absent for more than 25% of any course without acceptable excuse would be deprived the right for sitting in the exam of that course and would be considered as has failed and has to repeat the course.

8.2. A student who is absent for more than 25% of any course for acceptable excuse, will be required to withdraw from the course and repeat it.

8.3. A student who is absent without any excuse in any course would be considered as has failed in the course.

8.4. A student who fails in 75% or more of the credit hours of the subjects would be dismissed from faculty.

8.5. A student who fails in more than 50% but less than 75% of the credit hours of the courses will have to repeat the year wherever vacancies are available for a maximum of one chance only for repetition.

8.6. A student who fails in less than 50% of the courses will have to sit for supplementary exams.

8.7. A student referred to (in 8.6) if he fails in one or two courses of the supplementary exams, will have to sit for these course as an external student.

8.8. A student whose name has been eliminated from the faculty records and desires to restudy in the faculty has to submit application to sit for the examination as an external student in a month before the beginning of the exams.

8.9. A students are given two chances only to sit for repeated exam.

8.10. If external student fails in one or two courses, he will be given a chance to sit for supplementary exams in the courses he has failed.

8.11. External student fails in the supplementary exams, he will lose a chance.

8.12. External student who passes all the courses he sits for will be given the right to register as a regular student in the following year when vacancies are available.

8.13. Grades of external student will be kept and written in his academic record.

8.14. Cheating is not allowed in form. Any student who has been caught cheating will be liable to following procedures:

8.14.1. Cheating committee should be formed.

8.14.2. When the cheating case is proved, the faculty board has the right to inflict some or all of the punishments below:

8.14.3. To announce the cheating case.

8.14.4. To consider the student has failed in the course connected with the cheating.

8.14.5. To dismiss the student for a minimum of one academic year.

8.14.6. In case of repletion of cheating from the same student the Faculty Board has the right to inflict extra punishments.

9. Scientific degrees:

9.1. Scientific degrees are awarded to the students registered in the faculty after their completion of the subscribed courses and passing final exams satisfactorily.

9.2. Minimum duration forwarding degrees from the faculty is attending two academic years in the faculty.

9.3. Classification of degrees depends on the cumulative grades of the students according to the table below:

Cumulative and grade points Grade
3.00 – 400 1st class
2.70 – 2.99 2nd class division 1
2.40 – 2.69 2nd class division 2
2.00 – 2.39 3rd class